Battle Of The 90’s TV Mom’s

Battle Of The 90’s TV Mom’s



Amy Matthews vs. Vivian Banks

Amy Matthews was a super sweet, kind, caring Mom. But, to be perfectly honest, the slightest breeze would push her over, and she was kind of boring at times. Aunt Viv didn't have that problem. Look at her, even in her still picture you can tell she's dancing. She pushes her way into the semi finals.

Jill Taylor vs. Harriette Winslow

Harriette gave this a good shot but she's still no match for Jill. Harriette sort of played perimeter defence with her family while Jill was right in the middle of things with hers. She dominates this round.

Becky Katsopolis vs. Debra Barone

I'm sure Debra was a good Mom, but surely it takes an emotional toll on the kids to see her yelling at Ray every minute of their lives. Just divorce him already, Debra. Aunt Becky wins in a landslide.

Carol Foster vs. Clair Huxtable

Carol was such a happy, fun-loving Mom, but she's up against Clair Huxtable. She never stood a chance. Plus, with Carol, you would've had the daily anxiety of every single one of your friends hitting on your Mom.


Vivian Banks vs. Jill Taylor

Aunt Viv was lots of fun and could lay the hammer if needed, but she mostly stayed on the outside while Uncle Phil did the majority of the hard parenting. The same can't be said for Jill. She had to parent three kids and Tim. If Jill wasn't there, the Taylor house would have burned down before Mark was even born. Jill is into the finals.

Becky Katsopolis vs. Clair Huxtable

I loved Aunt Becky. Not only did she have to Mother her twin boys, but she also had to be the lone Mom in a house full of 3 men, 5 children and Kimmy Gibler. It was a mammoth task and she handled it with grace and elegance. But she was up against Clair Huxtable. Sorry, Aunt Becky.


Jill was a heck of a Mom. Balancing three boys, a career, and a husband that was a walking safety hazard, she managed to hold everything together and was almost always the one to take the lead on the tough parenting. She was great at giving advice, listening, and was enthusiastic about every project her kids were involved with.

Clair Huxtable was, let’s say, formidable. She was a successful lawyer and Mother to five, count-em, FIVE children who she raised with poise, stoicism, and confidence. She was not afraid to show some sass and personality and could always be relied upon for the absolute best parenting advice. 

I could go on a little bit more about each Mom, as they were both tremendous matriarchs of their home, but with all due respect to Jill, who was a fantastic Mom, I will say this for the third time. She was up against Clair Huxtable. 



“I want a Clair Huxtable.” -Shad K


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