The Best TNBC Show

The Best TNBC Show



Name Your Adventure vs. California Dreams

The main draw to Name Your Adventure was seeing AC Slater and Ashley Banks on the same show, even if it was a reality show. Crossover stuff wasn't really a thing yet. Otherwise the show isn't nearly as memorable as California Dreams. They're through to the semi's.

Hang Time vs. Saved By The Bell: The New Class

No one ever said the acting on Saved By The Bell was it's strong suit, and if you thought that was bad, try to get your hands on the first season of the New Class (*shudders*). 

Hang Time moves on.

Running The Halls vs. City Guys

Running the Halls tended to be a little too serious and drama filled for Saturday mornings. City Guys hit far more of the notes you were looking for on your weekend away from school. 

"C-I-T-Y you can see why, these guys, the neat guys, smart and streetwise," I'd love to find another rap lyric that boasted about being a "neat guy". They're still through to the next round.

Saved By The Bell vs. Brains And Brawn

You may not even remember Brains and Brawn. It was a game show hosted by Mark-Paul Gosselaar very obviously trying to make the most of his celebrity. It was relatively entertaining, but consider the competition. I don't have to tell you who won this round.


California Dreams vs. Hang Time

California Dreams was attempting to create a musical version of Saved By The Bell. You can probably still faintly remember the theme song. You watched it because it followed SBTB and was decent enough to hold your interest.

Hang Time, however, came around when Jordan and the Bulls were in their prime. Basketball was king, and this show capitalized. They're into the finals.

City Guys vs. Saved By The Bell

City Guys was TNBC's attempt to be "urban" on Saturday mornings. It featured one character (Chris Anderson) from a wealthy background and another (Jamal Grant) from a working class family who would occasionally get into trouble.

The contrasts mirror this semi final perfectly, as Saved By The Bell was probably the most white bread television program ever conceived by man. The most "street" it ever got was when Jessie had too much caffeine. 
But we loved it, and it is essentially the reason that TNBC even exists, and was the cornerstone of their whole Saturday morning block. 
Saved by the Bell to the finals.


Head To Head

Hang Time:
The Deering High Tornados captured our hearts every weekend demonstrating teamwork, dealing with social issues and raining three pointers. Their star player was a girl named Julie Connor who transferred from Chicago and won them pretty much every game, much to the chagrin of her male teammates, most of whom were replaced with different characters by season 2 anyway. The show also featured former NBA player Reggie Theus as the Tornados head coach and a fresh faced Anthony Anderson nicknamed “Teddy”. 
The hype for this show was great and it was one you would forward to when you went to bed every Friday night. 

Saved By The Bell:
Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa and sometimes Tori were what Saturday mornings were made of when you were a pre-teen in the 90’s. 
Guys wanted to be Zack Morris, girls wanted to be Kelly Kapowski, and couples wanted to have the fiery romance they did when they were together. Or at the very least Slater and Jesse. Or Zack and Lisa. Or Zack and Tori. Or Zack and Stacey.
We grew up with them and a few of us even followed them through college or when they changed zip codes.
It was the only time of the week you couldn’t wait to hear the school bell.

In all honesty, we knew the answer to this before it began, but Hang Time was a very worthy opponent. If it showed up on Netflix I would certainly throw on a couple of episodes.
Saved By The Bell, however, was a cultural icon. Those characters have stuck with you. Even its side characters in Mr. Belding, Leon Carosi and Max from the Max are still lodged in your memory somewhere.
It gave us Zack Attack, the Friends Forever theme song, dating advice, pranking advice, a guide on how to be a good friend, instructions on what to do if someone is too excited, and a general belief of self confidence that you can be captain of every single team at school if you want to beat Valley bad enough.

Your undisputed champion – Saved By The Bell.


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  1. Despite his height (and probably at least half-due to his acting ability) that dude clearly wasn t welcomed back for Engel s basketball show. In the end, TNBC did seven episodes of Hang Time without Engel, and 97 with him. Perhaps he s just a glutton for punishment.

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