The Best 90’s Girl Group

The Best 90’s Girl Group


En Vogue vs. Salt n Pepa

En Vogue were remarkably talented vocalist, with hits such as "Don't Let Go" and "My Lovin'", but did they have a song as big as "Shoop"? I don't think so. Salt n Pepa move on.

TLC vs. All Saints

Until I type the words "I Know Where It's At", I'm betting the only song you could remember from All Saints was "Never Ever", or maybe you can't remember either of these. But you're probably already singing "Waterfalls" by TLC, so they're into the semifinals.

The Spice Girls vs. Blaque

This was over before it began. Spice Girls through to the next round.

702 vs. Destiny's Child

"Where My Girls At?". They're in Destiny's Child. See ya, 702.


Salt n Pepa vs. TLC

This is a tight race. Almost every girl I know who grew up in the 90's can rap every word of Shoop, and they had a few other monster songs in "Whatta Man", "Push It", "None Of Your Business" and "Let's Talk About Sex", but TLC were important mainstays throughout the majority of the 90's and had just as many hits. 

They get the very slight edge in this one.

The Spice Girls vs. Destiny's Child

Each of these groups had a number of big songs, and both groups lost members. But, the Spice Girls had more hits, and only lost one member, whereas Destiny's Child seemed to lose every member besides Beyonce at some point. I never knew if there were 3, 4 or 5 of them. And what's an "automo-bill" anyway?
The Spice Girls move on.



T-Boz, Left-Eye and Chilli are at legendary status when it comes to 90’s groups. They released three albums in the decade, two of which enjoyed spectacular success, highlighted by songs such as Creep, Diggin’ On You, Red Light Special, Waterfalls, Unpretty, and the iconic No Scrubs. EVERYBODY owned CrazySexyCool, and every busta on the passengers side of his best friends ride felt the wrath of each lyric of No Scrubs.

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls accomplished about everything you could possibly do in the music business (minus one of those elusive little gold trophies). They went platinum, they had a movie, they had dolls, they had just about every piece of merchandise a persons face could fit on, they are the best selling female group of all time, the biggest British pop success since the Beatles, and boasted countless hits, including Wannabe, Say You’ll Be There, 2 Become 1, Who Do You Think You Are, Spice Up Your Life, Stop, and Viva Forever.

TLC was amazing, and will go down as a legendary soundtrack to the 90’s, but the Spice Girls WERE the 90’s, and it’s difficult to challenge how massive their impact really was and still is. 
A TLC cover song at a bar will have everyone vibing and singing along with a smile on their face, but if you’re in between a dance floor and a bunch of 30 year old women when Wannabe comes on, you will get straight up trampled.
Your champion, the Spice Girls.


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