The Best Cartoon Villain

The Best Cartoon Villain


Skeletor vs. Dr. Claw

Skeletor always seemed more sleazy than menacing. His voice and his laugh made him come across as a little twerp, but Dr. Claw, with his terrifying voice was always mysterious and frightening. Put Dr. Claw's voice into Skeletors body and you have a perfect super villain. For now, Dr. Claw moves on to the next round.

Cobra Commander vs. Krang

These two both have astonishingly short fuses, but Krang was able to manage his better, and was far more intelligent than Cobra Commander. In his defence, he often had incredibly dumb people working for him, but a good leader is a calm leader, and he'd just be losing his mind all day long. Krang to the semi's.

Shredder vs. Gargamel

Sure, Gargamel was scary to a bunch of Smurfs, but put him into regular society and see how far he gets trying to hurt people with a butterfly net. Shredder wins without blinking.

Megatron vs. Mr. Burns

No one is as devious as Mr. Burns, and he wouldn't hesitate to murder you with a trap door or with his hounds, but Megatron would have blown up Burns' Manor before he could even reach for the red button on his giant desk. Megatron moves on.


Dr. Klaw vs. Krang

Dr. Klaw was dangerous because of his anonymity. He wouldn't even have to get up, he would delegate his Gadget murdering tasks to his thugs from the comfort of his office. It's very difficult to defend if you don't know who or where your opponent is. But Krang simply had too many weapons at his disposal. If Dr. Klaw was a Mom and Pop shop of thuggery, then Krang was a world wide conglomerate. He was like a giant Walmart that also sold Amazon gift cards. Krang is into the finals.

Shredder vs. Megatron

Shredder is a fan favourite villain, and was voiced by the legendary James Avery (Uncle Phil), but the competition here is insurmountable. He would've given it his all but he's no match for Megatron. He was also second in command to Krang while Megatron answered to no one. Design-wise, I still think Shredder is the coolest looking villain of the group. But, design only helps you if you can shape-shift into a giant gun. Megatron to the finals.



Krang had all kinds of options when battling an adversary. He had a clan of never-ending foot soldiers, Shredder, BeBop and Rock Steady, and countless others ready to take over the world and also knock off the Ninja Turtles. As he was a genius, warlord brain from Dimension X, he had seemingly unlimited technology that could adapt to his psychotic schemes. He also had a mechanical body that could grow to giant heights and that also had different weapons that would extend out of every orifice. He traveled in the Technodrome, a gigantic mobile battle fortress and had a sole mission to take over every dimension in the Universe. 


Megatron was a near unstoppable alien robot, who as mentioned earlier, could transform into a handheld gun if a battle needed more fire power (it was pretty weird, actually). He was the leader of the Decepticons and a cunning strategist even if his obsessions can get in the way of his plans. He simply doesn’t care who he annihilates on his path to victory, and has a Decepticon army to help him. 
He wields a fusion canon, a pair of deadly swords, and has breathtaking strength. 

This bout would likely occur with Krang trying to invade Cybertron and Megatron standing his ground to protect it (someone should really make that movie…)
Krang has exceptional intelligence but Megatron is in the same ballpark, and he is unquestionably the only villain from this group that could go toe to toe with Krang in both brain power and brute strength. Megatron is the only one that could stop the Technodrome and Krangs robot body wouldn’t make it one round against a Decepticon leader.
It would be a fantastic fight, and the more I talk about it the more I want to watch it in IMAX. 

Your champion – Megatron.


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