The Best 90’s Kids Sports Movie

The Best 90’s Kids Sports Movie



The Sandlot vs. Air Bud

Air Bud will immediately get the adorable dog vote, but it's matched up with a behemoth of a movie in the Sandlot.

The Sandlot hits a walk off and moves on.

The Mighty Ducks vs. Angels In The Outfield

The Mighty Ducks is still heavily quoted today among 30+ year old beer league hockey players. The same can't be said for Angels In The Outfield, though it was a great summertime kids sports movie. The kind that, sadly, doesn't seem to exist anymore. It still can't keep up with the legendary Ducks. The Quack Attack is through to the next round.

Space Jam vs. Cool Runnings

There's always one or two tournament candidates that deserve to move into the next round (see Danny Tanner in "Battle Of The 90's TV Dad's"), and this is the unfortunate case for Cool Runnings. It's a fantastic movie, based on a true story, and it was one of John Candy's last films. Space Jam is simply too formidable. 

With a heavy heart, Cool Runnings will be eliminated from the tournament.
But before it leaves..."Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up! It's _________ time!"
If you can't finish this quote, then it might be time for you to leave.

Rookie Of The Year vs. D2: The Mighty Ducks

Rookie Of The Year is the Cool Runnings of this matchup. The plot is the stuff that childhood dreams are made of - magically being able to play on your favourite team alongside your heroes. A great cast that included Gary Busey, Marv from Home Alone and Jason from American Pie.

If Rookie Of The Year is on TV I will always, always, always watch it. But, it still can't cut the high, stinky cheddar against D2: The Mighty Ducks.


The Sandlot vs. The Mighty Ducks

These semi finals are two heavyweight tilts that are most definitely going to spark some debate. I imagine baseball fans and hockey fans will be divided over the outcome.

The Sandlot is arguably the best summer sports movie there is. Released in 1993 but set in 1962, it captures the feel of the Goonies, if the Goonies played baseball.
While beloved by many, it simply can't defeat the classic tale of a drunken lawyer turned peewee hockey coach. The ragtag Mighty Ducks are too much for the ragtag Sandlot, and the Ducks skate into the finals.

Space Jam vs. D2: The Mighty Ducks

Why did I do this to myself? I legitimately feel bad for choosing one of these over the other, like they're my children and I have to choose a favourite.

D2 was easily my favourite movie as a kid. Bombay and his current Ducks adding five new and exciting prospects to take on the world at the Junior Goodwill Games. Gordon selling out but then finding himself with the help of a concerned Yans and rallying the troops to take down the evil Icelandic team (who is good at hockey for some reason). 
I will still regularly watch this movie, but, Space Jam was an absolute monster (ha! sorry) of a movie that even the Mighty Duck man himself couldn't stop. Space Jam moves into the finals.


It’s fitting that these two movies meet in the finals. In Space Jam, Daffy thinks the Toon’s team should be called the Ducks. Bugs responds with “Eh, what kind of Mickey Mouse organization would name a team the Ducks?” Slapshots fired.

Space Jam

The Toon Squad vs. The Monstars.
The plot of Space Jam is essentially the same premise as the 2018 NBA Finals. A Superstar and a bunch of bench warmers take on a team that’s unfairly stacked with unbeatable talent. In Space Jam, however, the underdogs win.
The concept of live action mixed with cartoon animation had been done many times previous to this movie, but none of them had ever incorporated the most famous athlete in the world doing what he does best. We didn’t want to see MJ fumble through a movie just for the sake of his mass appeal, we wanted to see him dunk! And dunk he did.
Combine Saturday morning cartoons with the greatest basketball player alive, and you’ve got every kid in 1996 throwing their allowance money at the box office ticket taker. Add Bill Murray to the recipe, and a soundtrack featuring many of the most famous rappers in the world, and you’ve got an unstoppable hit.

The Mighty Ducks

The Mighty Ducks, in comparison, is a humble effort when considering the larger than life scope of Space Jam. An ex-hockey player, who had hung up his skates years ago, is sentenced to a seasons worth of coaching for the neighbourhood hockey team after a drunk driving incident puts his law practice on hiatus. 
Gordon Bombay had to take a group of misfits and turn them into the best hockey team this district of Minnesota has ever seen. And he did! 
For any minor hockey player, this movie inspired you to try trick plays, flying v’s, and quacking at Principles. It didn’t have an evil, cartoon-alien opponent, but it did have Coach Riley and the Hawks. A team so hell-bent on winning that it tried to paralyze one of it’s cake-eating ex-teammates.
ANY hockey playing kid who grew up in the 90’s saw this movie, and has at least once in their life stopped behind their own net, put their arms up, and yelled out “Flying V!”.

The Mighty Ducks

While I’m certain this verdict will incite some dormant childhood rage from the Space Jam fan base, I feel that the Mighty Ducks is far too classic of a movie to lose to anyone, Michael Jordan or not.
Space Jam will continue to show it’s age as technology improves, while the Mighty Ducks will remain a little more timeless.
It’s heartwarming, and is still quoted today in hockey locker rooms around the world.

I’m sorry, Space Jam fans. If there could be a tie, this would be the closest thing to it. 

Ducks fly together.


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