The Best 90’s Boy Band

The Best 90’s Boy Band



New Kids On The Block vs. 98 Degrees

98 Degrees really gave it the old College try. They had a few hits and people generally liked them, but they were never a group that exuded longevity. NKOTB moves on relatively easy.

Nsync vs. Boyzone

You might know a couple of Boyzone hits, but I’m betting you know at least half a dozen Nsync hits, whether you were a fan or not. They’re into the semi’s.

Backstreet Boys vs. Hanson

Mmmbop, shibidababa doo-wop, derbidi-badadoo-wop, yaaaaay-ee-yeaahhh! 
This is the only song you remember. Backstreet Boys into the next round.

Take That vs. Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men probably sang one of the first songs you ever slow danced to. They made you sad about relationships you likely weren’t even in yet. One Sweet Day? Water Runs Dry? End Of The Road? They were all great. It hurts me to have to eliminate them, but Take That was too big to overcome. They move on.


NKOTB vs. Nsync

NKOTB invented the modern boy band. Nsync was a byproduct of that and made an enormous career out of it. At one point they were neck and neck with the Backstreet Boys and stuck around long enough that they’re now a staple of 90’s music. However, they had a mountain to climb to overtake NKOTB and were still awfully close to taking a spot in the finals, but this round goes to the New Kids.

Backstreet Boys vs. Take That

In North America it’s hard to grasp how massive Take That is. Over here they were a relatively small group who had that singer named Robbie Williams a few people knew. Head over to Europe and specifically the UK and you’ll quickly realize how gargantuan this band is. But we’re going for overall biggest group and even with the UK vote, Take That can’t take down the Backstreet Boys. They’re through to the finals.


New Kids On The Block vs. Backstreet Boys


Without NKOTB we wouldn’t be having this tournament. They set the bar for late 80’s and 90’s boy bands and created the formula for everything we’ve loved or hated ever since. If it weren’t for them we never would’ve seen five guys singing while grabbing at the air.
They had some huge hits, including You Got It (The Right Stuff), Hangin’ Tough, I’ll Be Loving You (Forever), and of course Step By Step.

Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys were like the NKOTB on steroids (not literally, though a few of them were on a lot of drugs). They also added a lot of white clothing, questionable facial hair and weird hat choices (see pictured).
Multiple hits include I Want It That Way, Backstreet’s Back, As Long As You Love Me, Quit Playing Games and All I Have To Give.

Backstreet Boys

If NKOTB got the boy band genre started, then the Backstreet Boys perfected it.
Their hit-list is undeniable, and their continued popularity is astounding. Their target demographic are now in their 30’s and will still scream at the top of their lungs if Nick Carter so much as looks in their direction during a live concert (which they are still selling out! Also, I apologize if Nick Carter isn’t the correct band member of your choice)

NKOTB have a few hits that people like to remember, but Backstreet Boys songs are still in regular rotation for millions of people, as well as radio stations. 
They were too big, and they’re still too big to deny them championship status. 
Need proof? Find anyone who was in elementary school or highschool during the prime years of BSB. Male, female, from any walk of life, no matter their interests or music tastes, and they will be able to recite Backstreet Boys lyrics. They’ll argue, they’ll fight, they’ll pretend they have no clue. Trust me, they can do it.

Your champs – The Backstreet Boys.


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