The Best 90’s Boy Band (UK Edition)

The Best 90’s Boy Band (UK Edition)



New Kids On The Block vs. 98 Degrees

98 Degrees always seemed like they were pretending to be a boy band. NKOTB invented the genre. They’re into the next round.

Backstreet Boys vs. Boyzone

Boyzone were pretty huge but in a head to head battle the Backstreet Boys would still come out on top. 

NSync vs. Westlife

In North America NSync would cruise to the next round, but in the UK they get stomped by Westlife. They move into the semi’s.

Take That vs. Five

Five was to Take That as 98 Degrees was to the Backstreet Boys. They were popular but the scope of the latter two was about a hundred times larger.
Take That moves on.


NKOTB vs. Backstreet Boys

In a rematch of the original Best Boy Band Of the 90’s tournament, the Backstreet Boys still enjoy the victory, for many of the same reasons. Longevity, relevance, more hits and a higher level of popularity in general. They’re into the finals again.

Westlife vs. Take That

Consider this match up the Backstreet Boys vs. Nsync of the UK in the 90’s. At one point Westlife was neck and neck with Take That, even outselling them for a period of time. They had a 5-year plan to try to reach the same heights as their competition, and were quite close, but Take That in the end comes out on top.


Backstreet Boys vs. Take That

Backstreet Boys

UK #1’s – 1
UK Top 10’s – 16
UK Top 40’s – 19
36 Weeks in the Top 10
103 Weeks in the Top 40

Take That

UK #1’s – 12
UK Top 10’s – 20
UK Top 40’s – 28
110 Weeks in the Top 10
225 Weeks in the Top 40

Take That

When it comes to worldwide record sales, the Backstreet Boys take it in a landslide, but the UK is Take That territory. 
BSB still have a massive UK following, but it pales in comparison to what Take That have accomplished and the absolute craze they still are.
Robbie Williams alone would be considered a greater draw than the Backstreet Boys, let alone the entire group when they’re together. 

There’s an easy way to solve this question without the assist of statistics and record sales: Imagine a sold out Wembley Stadium. Crowds swaying, flags waving, people on shoulders drinking three pints at once. Which group is getting a louder sing along?

Your champion – Take That.


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