The Best 90’s SitCom

The Best 90’s SitCom



Fresh Prince Of Bel Air vs. Home Improvement

Contrary to popular belief, Friends wasn’t Seinfeld’s biggest competition in the 90’s, it was Home Improvement. They would often win the ratings war each week. However, it hasn’t translated into long term success, whereas Fresh Prince is still a show that transcends generations. They move into the second round.

Seinfeld vs. King Of Queens

King Of Queens was a funny show, and they capitalized on the success of Frank Costanza by essentially continuing his character with a less rage-filled Arthur Spooner, but it had an uphill battle to climb to compete with Seinfeld. They’re out of the tournament. 

Will & Grace vs. Frasier

Will & Grace is proof that the 90s was a magical decade that can’t always be recreated. What was funny then doesn’t always work now, and as much as we get excited about reboots, its sometimes best to leave the legacy where it was. So far Frasier has done that and has benefited. Take notes, Murphy Brown. Frasier moves on.

Everybody Loves Raymond vs. Friends

Another good show that is doing well in syndication, Everybody Loves Raymond has enjoyed excellent longevity and relevance, but up against Friends its tasked with an unenviable job. It bows out and Friends moves into the semi’s.


Fresh Prince Of Bel Air vs. Seinfeld

Two fantastic shows that can be watched over and over again, no matter if its 1996 or 2026. Fresh Prince had the comedic value to never take itself too seriously, but when it did it packed a heavy punch. Running for 6 seasons it covered everything from dating, social class, racism, abandonment and a temporary relocation to Philadelphia.
Will Smith and the Banks family threw everything they possibly could at this one but it still isn’t enough to take out Seinfeld.

Fraiser vs. Friends

Frasier was a show that didn’t get nearly the appreciation it deserved when you were a kid. Repeat viewings as an adult makes you appreciate the humour and writing far more than you did when you were an annoying preteen trying to eat Fun Dips three meals a day.
Frasiers downfall is its lasting viewership. While the show is still great, its hardly referenced in todays culture, and is very rarely seen on TV. The same can’t be said for Friends, as its heavily ingrained in the world at large and is still referenced daily. They move into the finals.


Seinfeld vs. Friends


What can be said about Seinfeld that hasn’t been already said in countless documentaries, re-runs, quote filled discussions and constant repeat viewings.
A show about nothing became one of the cornerstones of pop culture, is quoted on a daily basis, and is the benchmark for any modern sitcom. 
It brilliantly circumvented an awkward reboot by reuniting for Curb Your Enthusiasm, giving us everything we wanted without ruining the magic it created over 9 seasons.
It has won multiple Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards and was named the Greatest TV Show Of All Time by TV guide.


Friends is arguably still quoted just as much as Seinfeld and is viewed as often in syndication. Their eventual removal from Netflix in 2020 caused an online panic attack and major protest from Netflix subscribers. The streaming service was responsible for a whole generation of new fans that weren’t around in the 90s to decide if Ross and Rachel were on a break.
The actors have wisely avoided any reboots up until now but there are always rumblings that something could be on the horizon.
The show ran for 10 seasons and like Seinfeld, won numerous TV awards, including Emmy’s, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and People’s Choice.


Fans of Seinfeld and Friends were extremely divided in the 90s, and while there’s still a touch of that today, both shows have created such a legendary chapter in the history of sitcom television that it’s become bigger than any rivalry or competition.
Each show has equally contributed to the landscape of entertainment and have made many of us seem funnier than we actually are thanks to well-timed quotes from genius writers.
Seinfeld simply stands above all when it comes to writing, creativity, and unique television. Brilliant episodes like the Soup Nazi, the Backwards episode, the Outing and the Contest have put this sitcom in a league of their own and in a category that will never again be replicated. Characters such as Cosmo Kramer, George Costanza, Frank Costanza, Jackie Chiles, Newman and David Puddy are just a handful of genius personalities to grace each episode.
I personally love both shows, but TV Guide got it right when it named it not just the best 90’s sitcom, but the greatest television show of all time.

Your champion – Seinfeld.


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