The Best 90’s Food

The Best 90’s Food



Bagel Bites vs. Toaster Strudels

Pizza on a tiny bagel – genius! But remember the first time you had Toaster Strudels? Game changing. They move on.

McDonalds Pizza vs. Viennetta

Viennetta was incredible. Crispy ice cream served in a slice that made you feel like it came right out of the Queen’s freezer. But is it enough to take out the mythical McDonald’s Pizza? Not quite, but man was it delicious.

3D Doritos vs. Dunkaroos

3D Doritos were cool but in the end they were really just puffy chips. Points for creativity though. Dunkaroos cruise to the next round.

Kraft Mac & Cheese vs. Lunchables

Here in Canada, we call this Kraft Dinner, but the rest of the world knows it as Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. As interesting and fun as Lunchables were, they could never take the place of Mac & Cheese. Into the semi’s they go.


Toaster Strudels vs. McDonalds Pizza

Two revolutionary food products that are both worthy of a spot in the finals. McDonalds Pizza was only around for a short time but had a tremendous impact on anyone who tried it. Luckily, Toaster Strudels are still in your grocers freezer, allowing the taste of nostalgia to hit you any time you feel like pastry and frosting. 
Had both products been taken away at the same time I’m willing to bet the demand for Toaster Strudels would supersede that of McDonalds Pizza, and that means they’re moving into the finals.

Dunkaroos vs. Kraft Mac & Cheese

Most of us lived on Mac & Cheese growing up, or at least had it 3 out of every 5 school days. It was a staple in our childhood diet. 
It takes an awfully big competitor to knock it out of the tournament, but Dunkaroos are up to the task. There are very few food products that burst onto the scene quite like this Kangaroo inspired snack. Kids would trade their entire lunches in the school cafeteria just to get one pack of these delicious sugar explosions. 
Very few products carried that kind of weight in the lunch room, and its enough to move them into the finals.


Toaster Strudels vs. Dunkaroos

Toaster Strudels

Toaster Strudels have actually been around since 1985, but it wasn’t until 1994 that Pillsbury made a big push behind the marketing which was essentially one giant smear campaign against Pop Tarts. They boasted flaky crust, juicy filling, and do it yourself icing. The Pop Tarts people, face in hands and presumably weeping, had to admit they were right. It was delicious.
Ah, the 90’s, when dessert was part of a complete breakfast.


Dunkaroos launched in 1990, and hit the peak of its popularity in 1996. 
They were no joke, you could use these things as currency in elementary school.
They had a fun advertising campaign that featured Sydney, a cartoon Kangaroo who kept asking how we dunked our Dunkaroos. Not that we needed any encouragement – we were dipping cookies into frosting.
Dunkaroos were discontinued in the US in 2012 and were still available in Canada up until last year.


You could make a case for any one of these food products to be champion, but the one that almost always immediately comes to mind in the conversation of the 90’s is Dunkaroos. A scrumptious mixture of sugar and more sugar.
The one and only complaint we all had was of course the ratio of frosting to cookie. Had they fixed that issue, we might still be eating them today. 

Your champion – Dunkaroos.


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