Remember ICQ?!  The original instant messenger.  I can still hear the gunshot sound effects as I type, and the incessant “UH OH!” every time I received a message.  Of course, if the message was from someone you liked than it was the greatest sound in the world.
I can’t tell you how many dial up minutes I used after school to chat online with the friends I just saw at school.

Remember this screen?  There was always that one person who was on N/A all day long.  We get it, Steve. Your parents could afford unlimited internet. The rest of us have precious minutes before someone picks up the phone and we get disconnected. 

Now we text instead of instant messaging, and we don’t have options for when we’re going to “BRB” or when we’re busy so “DND”.
We carry our desktop computers in our pockets.  We live here now.


Ok, everyone together now, for old times sake…







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