Ah, MSN Messenger.  The successor to ICQ.  I remember the switch over from ICQ to MSN, and I didn’t like it.  Things seemed cluttered and there were way too many windows open for my Pentium II to handle.  But, eventually, this taught me multitasking and how to juggle a dozen conversations at once, none of which carried any real meaning.

Isn’t it funny to think that all of our typing proficiency came from chatting with our friends all day long on our computers?  We certainly didn’t learn any of this in high school computer class.  We were inadvertently building useful, real world skills for the world that was about to come.




We were the original generation who would go out of our way to not have to talk to someone face to face. It’s because we were awkward and didn’t know how to ask someone out on a date with real words, but get us behind an msn chat window and we were smooth as butter.



Also, we called them emoticons, not emoji’s.

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