En Vogue, N’Sync & Savage Garden
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En Vogue, N’Sync & Savage Garden

En Vogue - Don't Let Go

Released: October 22nd, 1996 Album: EV3

Don't Let Go was En Vogue's biggest international hit, cracking the Billboard top 10 and ranking as the 83rd most successful single of the 90's. It was also featured on the Set It Off soundtrack.

Interesting Facts: The drums in the song were played by Lil' John.

N Sync - I Want You Back

Released: October 4th, 1996

Album: N Sync

I Want You Back was originally released in Germany in 1996. It wasn't in the US until 1998 where it reached #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was certified Gold.

Interesting Facts: The song was originally written for the Backstreet Boys, but, because of a scheduling conflict, it was given to these other guys no one had heard of yet.

Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply

Released: March 3rd, 1997

Album: Savage Garden

Truly Madly Deeply was the third single off of Save Garden's self titled album, winning the ARIA Music award for Single Of The Year and Highest Selling Single. It also peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spent an entire year on the charts, making it the only song to ever spend 52 weeks inside the top 30. Simply put, this song was massive, despite the plethora of turtle necks.

Interesting Facts: The song to knock off Truly Madly Deeply from it's reign as #1 on the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream chart was the Titanic theme "My Heart Will Go On". You may have heard of it.


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