The Best 90’s Drink

The Best 90’s Drink



Vanilla Coke vs. Jolt Cola

Vanilla Coke was creamy and delicious, but you can still find it in various locations throughout the world, so it detracts from the novelty. Jolt Cola for the jittery win!

Squeeze It vs. Surge

Squeeze Its had a cool bottle and packaging fun enough to make you harass your parents for it. Opening one was like a craft project, you needed scissors and parental supervision, it was great! But, Surge was a force and is moving into the semi finals.

Pepsi Blue vs. Orbitz

Blue Pepsi was interesting and was intriguing enough that you had to try it, but it can't compete with a lava lamp that you could drink. Orbitz moves on.

Crystal Pepsi vs. Orbitz

Cherry Coke is a classic drink and was even around in the 80's, but as great as it was, Crystal Pepsi blows it out of the carbonated water.


Jolt Cola vs. Surge

Before Red Bull started the canned caffeine craze, Jolt Cola was where young professionals would get their fix. Both Jolt and Surge were so revered by their customers that they each had a triumphant comeback where adults could relive their childhood and older adults could relive the busiest working days of their lives. This is really a coin flip, but based almost entirely on the striking nostalgia the Surge can and logo invokes, Surge is moving onto the finals.

Orbitz vs. Crystal Pepsi

Orbitz was a clear, fruit-flavoured drink that had floating, edible balls mixed in. It was like drink manufacturers were listening in on a 3rd grade brainstorming session. Orbitz disappeared very quickly after it appeared in 1997 due to poor sales, but its without a doubt one of the most memorable food and drink related products of the 90's. Too bad it was up against Crystal Pepsi.


The heavyweight showdown of the 90’s drink world.

Crystal Pepsi was a revolutionary product that turned the traditionally brown coloured cola to a see through masterpiece. There was nothing that went better with a personal McDonalds pizza than a silver can of transparent (still caffeinated) Pepsi. It was so popular that its had a well documented comeback and has returned to shelves every summer since 2016. It has been one of the front runners of 90’s nostalgia products cropping back up in recent years.

Surge is the Coca Cola equivalent of the Crystal Pepsi story. It was intended to be a big hit and major competitor to Pepsi’s Mountain Dew, but lacked sales and faded out quickly.
Once enough time had passed, fans of Surge let their voices be heard in a big way, and in 2015 it was brought back for a limited time. 
It was associated with extreme sports and directed at teenagers, had an orange taste and was a pale yellow colour after local food regulations prevented it from being the bright green originally intended. The can made up for it.

When it comes to the 90’s, there aren’t many things out there that can compete with Crystal Pepsi. Surge is one of the few products that can give it a run for its money but it still tops the list at #1.


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