As a boy growing up in the 90’s, I knew I loved 3 things: Kraft dinner, Kelly Kapowski and playing sports. So when my sister brought home a Skip-It for the first time and my athletic coordination let me down, I deemed it a stupid toy and “not even a good sport”. I was destined to either break the thing or snap both of my ankles trying, so I went back to my bowl of Kraft dinner and turned on Saved By The Bell.

The Skip-It was a massive toy manufactured by Tiger Electronics. 
It originated in the 80’s and gained enormous popularity in the 90’s. Once the company added a counter to count your number of skips, the toy doubled in sales and could be seen on every driveway and sidewalk in North America, tripping siblings and scaring house pets ever since.

If you were really lucky, your Skip-It came with streamers or charms or stickers to really pimp it up nicely.
While knock off versions can still be found, the authentic Skip-It was discontinued in 2009, but not before it made the list of Time Magazine’s 100 Greatest Toys Ever.

We had a 90’s party one night and Skip-It’s were involved. So would I overcome my fear as a grown adult? Would I finally conquer the nemesis of a toy that I could never do properly?
No, but I let my friend try it. He tripped himself and landed squarely on his shins. 
It was a good party.


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