The Best 90’s Animated Movie

The Best 90’s Animated Movie



The Lion King vs. Pocahontas

The animation in Pocahontas is stunning and it boasts a huge song in “Colours Of The Wind”, but even with these positives, the Lion King bests it in almost every way. Simba to the semi’s.

Toy Story 2 vs. Aladdin

The sequel to Toy Story was a big hit and a great addition to the franchise. Aladdin was one of the first animated movies of the 90’s that had a massive response, and features a number of patented Disney songs. Two great movies but Aladdin gets the decision in this one.

Toy Story vs. Space Jam

Space Jam was a finalist in our “Best 90’s Kids Sports Movies” tournament, and once again packs a big punch here making it to the quarterfinals, but Toy Story was a revolutionary movie and if anyone was going to knock MJ and Bugs out of the tournament, it was Buzz and Woody.

Fievel Goes West vs. Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast was a humongous hit and was the first big animated movie from Disney in the 90’s, being released in 1991. 
Fievel Goes West was a childhood classic for all of us, highlighted by the heartbreaking song “Somewhere Out There” where we all wanted to give this orphaned, voice-cracking mouse a hug.
The sympathy vote still isn’t enough to knock out Belle and the Beast. They’re into the semi’s.


The Lion King vs. Aladdin

The Lion King had a lot to live up to following in the footsteps of Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, which were both financial juggernauts for their time. Not only did it surpass its two predecessors, it almost doubled their box office earnings. 
Both movies have tremendous soundtracks that you no doubt owned on cassette or CD, and have breathtaking animation. They also boast a cast of big named stars, including Robin Williams, James Earl Jones, Jonathan Taylor Thomas (he was huge in 1994) and Steve from Full House.
Aladdin is a big, big movie from Disney, but the Lion King was simply untouchable. They move into the finals.

Toy Story vs. Beauty And The Beast

Who would have thought that in 1995 a little company called Pixar would deliver a movie that would still be churning out emotional sequels today, as well as some of the biggest animated hits that have ever been produced. Toy Story gave us a number of unforgettable characters that have a special place in all the hearts of everyone who’s been with them since the mid 90’s.
Beauty and the Beast was one of those early childhood movies (for most of us) that will always be stuck there in our grown up hearts. It features some epic songs that you’re undoubtedly humming right now, and a weird, Stockholm syndrome story that we didn’t think to question. Entrapment and hypnotic captivity aside, we still fell in love with these characters and their anthropomorphic dishes.
However, this Disney classic still isn’t able to take down the freight train that Toy Story is riding on. They’re into the finals.


The Lion King vs. Toy Story

The Lion King

There are few movies, if any, that have produced a scene of opening animation anywhere close to what the Lion King achieved in 1994. It set the tone for a magnificent movie that captured all of our hearts and led to the live action movie taking all of our grown up money.
The soundtrack featured Elton John and some of the best movie songs ever released.

Toy Story

When Toy Story debuted in 1995 it blew our heads clean off our necks. We had never seen computer animation like this before, and all we could really do with a computer was spray paint our name in MS Paint, so imagine our wide eyed response when Buzz and Woody graced the silver screen.

The Lion King

Toy Story as a franchise is in a different league, but the response to the Lion King when it first hit theatres in the early 90’s was astounding. I remember tackling my Dad when he brought home the clam-shell VHS copy and shoving it straight into our VCR. It set the tone for what Disney movie’s would become and pushed animated films into major box office releases that could compete with live action blockbuster movies.

Your champion – The Lion King.


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